Owner, Fit For Reel by StudioFit

Sandy Gribbin is a cross-fit and a personal trainer with over 30 years of experience as a competitive, champion highland dancer and choreographer. As a teacher, she helps her students with the prevention of overuse injuries. She has a strong passion for helping dancers to feel confident and reach their potential through specific turnout exercises and effective training.


As a business owner, she struggled with having a clear and unified vision of her brand that would serve her target audience at the highest level. She had too many ideas in the beginning and her branding was inconsistent overall which caused a major disconnect with her target audience. As she was promoting her offers and services, she felt overwhelmed with a disjointed brand identity that left her audience with a confused vibe. Her day-to-day marketing became an overhaul which impacted not only her business growth but also became difficult to balance with her personal time.

As a result, we mapped out the goals that were specific to her business outcomes and also reconnecting her with joy for her teaching cross-fit and dance programs to her students.



We worked together for a period of 4 months:

  • A renewed focus and strategy to combine personal trainer, fitness, and highland dancer to target a specific community.
  • Worked on clarifying her message, vision, values, mission, audience, and brand personas for the company so it is set up for future growth and success
  • Defined her targeted audience with a community of young adults, teens, parents, and teachers who are invested in their fitness growth and compete at a national level.
  • Got clear on the positioning in the marketplace in terms of competition and market analysis to see how "fitforreel" needs to stand out in the health and fitness community.
  • We created a safe space for a like-minded community of over 1200 people to share their experience, struggles, and also their success.
  • A central hub for her audience to easily navigate her services, programs, and offerings.
  • Built her targeted list of over 1200 teachers, dancers, and parents with a free opt-in guide and a nurture email sequence.


After a period of 4 months:

  • A complete brand identity with logo alternatives, color palette, typography, and imagery to communicate a clear visual expression across all social media channels.
  • Both editable and printed formats of visual brand assets so she and her future team can maintain consistency and manage an online presence without wasting any time
  • Built a signature program for her students to get a deeper level of her program experience including promotional materials such as T-shirts and other digital products.


We developed scalable brand assets that tied all her website and marketing efforts into a seamless experience. She was able to rely on a system that allowed her to spend more time with her family while having a brand where she felt proud to share with her community.

The new identity and style guide was implemented on her website where previously all her programs and courses were not on-brand. We shaped the essence of her brand that brought all her efforts into a streamlined version that elevated her brand presence. She now has a website that is her home and the main hub for her audience to navigate all her programs and courses under one roof. This eliminated all the extra steps and redundancies that were costing her time, money, and energy.


  • Potential target market opportunities and clients where you are leaving money on the table
  • How are you showing up on your social media accounts?
  • A unique brand positioning or are you just like any other cookie-cutter service or product out there?
  • Offer actionable steps and a plan to devise your brand profit strategy.

Then, let's hop on a clarity call!


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